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11-Game suspension for Browns QB Deshaun Watson!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Deshaun Watson suspension: "Deshaun has committed to doing the hard work on himself that is necessary for his return to the NFL" That is the official statement by the NFL.

I am happy to see this saga end. As a woman it's sad to know the amount of women that were affected by this. Hopefully, Deshaun has learn something. I have said, "This young man was addicted to this way of doing things." That is to schedule Massage Therapist thru Instagram; bring them to the Texans facility and get the to sign an NDA.

I know we can count all the things the Texans did wrong. And, I am in hopes the Texans will receive more penalties. But, Watson, the CFB Player turn NFL Professional QB started this behavior and eventually got caught.....or eventually someone snitched!! To me he is his own enemy and I hope he walks a different path.

#NeverHadItRadio Princess Cooper

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